We yearn for that which we fail to merit

Independence, sounds kinda great, doesn’t it? We all love the thought of being independent and taking care of ourselves, no more worrying about who’s going to pay the bills, you will! Complete economic independence, now that’s something different, you certainly don’t want that, because it isn’t just simply paying for everything yourself, but I digress.

So it seems I’m making another post about the EU Referendum, but I promise that I won’t make any more unless something big happens.

Aside from immigration and the whole £350 million “mistake“, the Brexiteers third largest reason for leaving the EU was to “take back control”. They are fed up of being governed by politicians in Brussels, unelected officials making laws that will affect them. Enough, they cried. I’d like to pose a question to everyone, is it fair to ask for autonomy when you don’t deserve it and are in fact better off being governed by people who  know what they are doing? It’s all well and good being patriotic and cheering how we need to take a stand for ourselves, but when our GDP is put at risk because 13% of it comes from the EU and when the £ is dropping, I really don’t care for nationalism.

In in the real world, we gain independence when we earn it and can show those that we previously needed that we can finally stand on our own feet. Most teenagers want to be independent, but are they actually capable of surviving on their own? Hardly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure everyone possible will try their best to ensure that we survive the fallout, but we certainly won’t be living as well as we would have should we have stayed in.

Autonomy, much like respect, is earned.



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