I no longer wish to be British

Well, at least not for the time being, not unless our country can actually come back from this incredible blunder. I refuse to identify myself with the likes of racist, close-minded fools who are, and I quote, “tired of listening to experts.”. I was one of the many people across our country, and in fact the globe, that stayed up all night to see the declarations of each constituency come in. We started strong with Gibraltar voting emain (no surprise there really), but quickly started losing to Leave declarations. We did take the lead back again, but it wasn’t long-lived, Leave took the lead and kept it growing until I had simply lost all hope. I was genuinly scared of the result, I felt light-headed throughout the entire ordeal and my partner, who was watching with me, started crying once the final result seemed clear.

I consider myself a reasonable person, until Friday morning I would call myself British with pride, knowing what it represented to the world. All that pride evacuated my body to make way to disdain and shame. I do not consider myself British any more, nor will I unless we can come out of this mess. Immediately after the result and people woke up to the bad news, posts on social media began pouring in. I followed suit, not because it is something that everyone was doing, but because our voices need to be heard. The world needs to understand that many of us, 48% of voters, recognise the impact the decision is going to have, not just on us, but across the globe.

Sadly, the results seem to have given a hallpass to racists across our country to be loud about their opinions. And no, I’m not unjustly calling them racists. Just take a look at this album that is being shared across Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarah.leblanc.718/media_set?set=a.10101369198638985&type=3.

An additional concern I have is regarding the persons on social media getting fed up of people “suddenly becoming politicians with their degree from the university of Facebook”. To all of you saying this or anything similar, fuck off, well and truly go stick a thumb up your arse and cram it. Young people talking about politics is EXACTLY what we need more of, you bellends! Sure, there will be people on either side talking partially out of their arse, but if people don’t talk about what is important to them, how the frick do you expect them to be able to discuss and properly understand what they stand for? Wait, let me guess, they should naively believe whatever their chosen politican is telling them. How about no? I say no, because some of us actually care enough about what happens to our nation what we are willing to discuss with people that disagree with us so that we may show them where they are wrong and provide sources and evidence for what we are claiming.

The UK is screwed if Parliament notify the EU regarding article 50, although it seems that it may be possible that we don’t have to. Sure, the pound sterling begun to stabilise for the time being, and we won’t have many perceivable changes in the short-term, but oh boy you’re in for a shock once many things start changing. Prices will go up, you won’t have the same freedom to live and study abroad in Europe that you currently take for granted. We get far more from the EU than we give them, in terms of jobs, discounts, trade deals, etc. We’ve all lost out on that thanks to a bunch of misinformed idiots. Let me make something clear though, when I say idiot I’m not making an objective judgement of your character, I’m simply making an observation on what you’ve just done. As for my claim of racists, I will just point to the fact that immigration was the biggest talking point for Leave voters, who claimed the immigrants are taking their jobs while simultaneously claiming they just come for benefits. Not only are immigrants less likely to get benefits, but they also provide more to the economy than they take. We aren’t being taken over, at least not by immigrants, but perhaps by morons.

I’m glad to see Nicola Sturgeon fight for Scotland given their recent majority vote to Remain, they clearly have the right idea. If it triggers a 2nd Scottish Independance referendum, I’m all for it really. I’m among many who are genuinely and completely seriously considering getting dual-citizenship elsewhere in the world. Ireland is a good contender right now thanks to my partner, as are France and Spain.

There is currently a petition for a second EU referendum, already at over 3.5 million signatures. If you believe like me that we cannot allow the misinformed to ruin our country, then I ask of you to sign the petition of you live in the UK.

Please, #NotInMyName.


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