My island, my purpose

Close your eyes for a moment. Go on, just take a chance and trust me, close your eyes for me. Visualize yourself standing in a room; think of something, anything, that causes you stress and let it take form before your eyes. Your laptop isn’t working, Bob from legal needs you to sign a bunch of forms, you still have to do summer shopping for the kids, Margaery Tyrell is dead, anything that causes you displeasure. Focus on it, feel the discomfort and long for relief. Turn around now, who or what do you see? With all of your problems behind you and out of sight, what suddenly comes into focus amongst the chaos?

That is your island, your very own solitary refuge from life, but also that which makes life worth living. You might see your family, perhaps you see the smiles on the faces of the people you’ve touched throughout your life.

What do I see? I see a figure of a man, not much taller than me, but just as plump. As the silhouette comes into focus I see a grinning smile amongst a ginger beard, a pair of eyes the colour of chestnuts staring right at me. I recognise that this man, my sole desire in this life, the man who continues to guide me through turmoil and lift me into the clouds is my island, my sanctuary from torment.


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