EU Referendum: Remain Strong

In less that a week’s time, a vote is to be held that will shape the future of some 64 million people; a vote, lest we forget, that could surely make or break this nation. By now, I’m sure many of us are tired of hearing empty speeches about taking back control for ourselves and so on, but not nearly enough attention is being paid to the scholars, academics, economists, scientists and so on. The spotlight is always focused on the politicians to let them have their say, no matter how misinformed it may be. The motivation behind hogging the spotlight isn’t always a self-centered one though, nor is it entirely fair. The limelight rarely pivots towards the people that spend their lives studying the facts and how our world works, perhaps because as human beings we choose to see the truth that makes us feel good, not the one that we need.

Nevertheless, self-motivated publicity is a discussion for another time. It doesn’t matter if we aren’t given the facts by the media, it doesn’t matter that we can’t completely rely on those entrusted to inform us. This is because we no longer live in a society where information and knowledge is presented to only the few, it is no longer secreted away for the priviliged few. We are all able to find the facts about what is going on in our country, all it takes is the desire to understand what you are voting for. We all have a legal right to vote, but unless you choose to seek out information to better prepare yourself for the vote of a generation, you have no intellectual right to vote.

Enough ranting though, it’s about time I compile some actual relevant information to the discussion.

Ipsos MORI recently conducted an online survey of the members of the Royal Economic Society and the Society of Business Economists, of the 639 economists who responded:

  • 72% believed the most probably outcome on the UK GDP would be negative over the next 10-20 years if we leave. Only 11% believeed it would have a positive impact.
  • 73% believe that real household incomes in the UK would be lower over the next 10-20 year.

The IFS (Institute for Fiscal Studies) says that the UK could save £8bn a year, at the cost of losing between £20bn-£40bn, which would need to be filled either by tax rises, extra borrowing or spending cuts. Report by Emmerson et al.,2016.

Sales and competition among trade will be hit when it becomes a lot more expensive for Britain to import and export, as we would lose access to our tariff-free access to EU markets.

A quote from Taylor S, a friend who is passionate about making sure his friends on social media understand what they are voting for:

I love the NHS, truly I do. It has saved my life before now and I’m sure it has provided valuable assistance to many of us.

So, I’ve heard a fair amount of pro-Brexit statements from some individuals (who aren’t even medical scientists or work in the NHS I might add) stating that ‘our NHS is better out of the EU’.

So let’s hear what the actual professionals in the NHS state.

Simon Stevens, Health Manager & Chief executive of NHS England, backs the ‘Remain’ campaign for a stronger, safer NHS. As does The Royal College of Midwives, The Royal College of Physicians, Chairperson of the Health Select Committee, Dr Wollaston who stated: “Having listened carefully to both sides of the debate, I believe our NHS & research will be safer if Britain remains in the EU”.”

Professor Martin McKee (Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), Dr Mike Galsworthy (Senior Research Associate in the Department of Applied Health Research ) and Professor Sir Simon Wessely (professor of psychological medicine at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London and head of its department of psychological medicine, vice dean for academic psychiatry, teaching and training at the Institute of Psychiatry, as well as Director of the King’s Centre for Military Health Research) along with 188 other professional medical professors and surgeons have written their statement of:

“As health professionals and researchers we write to highlight the valuable benefits of continued EU membership to the NHS, medical innovation and UK public health, we have made enormous progress over decades in international health research, health services innovation and public health. Much of this is built around shared policies and capacity across the EU.”

If you’re going to bark about “caring for the NHS”, how about we listen to those directly working WITHIN the NHS from all different angles (physicians, doctors, surgeons, midwives, anaesthetists and researchers).

That’s enough for now, but hopefully it is enough to incentivise someone to read more into this important vote.

For the love of everything good, please vote Remain. We are stronger in the EU.

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