Pontio, my tree.

*Obligatory excuse justifying my absence*

Now that the elephant has been dealt with, time to dive into a new topic: trees! No, we aren’t going to discuss my possession of a tree, nor are we going to entirely discuss the wonders of Bangor’s Pontio centre. I’m alluding to places of study.

Before I go any further, it would be prudent to explain why I am relating trees to places of study. Backstory time! Since Christmas just gone, I have been watching the “Gilmore Girls” show with my partner very frequently, so much so that we keep buying the DVD’s for each season. If you aren’t familiar, the comedy-drama focuses mainly on the lifes of Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Lorelai (or Rory for short). In season 4, when Rory goes to college, she finds a tree under which she loves to study for a number of reasons, mostly to do with distance from certain buildings, noise levels and sunlight, if my memory serves.

Reference to a great TV show aside, I have decided to adopt a new place of study of my own: Pontio. Up until now, I have been content with studying in a local university library or at the comfort of my own desk, however both locations distract me and fail to inspire any consequential thought; that is of course, aside from those thoughts that aid in finishing my work. I want a location to expand my thinking a little. I have found such a location.

It is too late to adopt the location, considering final exams are already underway, but I shall definitely begin to see this place a lot more come September. All of my lectures take place in the Main Arts building at Bangor University, located in Upper Bangor; my place of residence is in Lower Bangor. Pontio will serve as a stop on my return home from lectures so that I can relax and formalise some fresh notes, while also being close to home.

I know of people who occasionally do work on top of their freezer, but mine is located on the floor between the SU and the café. Where’s yours?



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